Drink with the Devil Sean Dillon Book 5

Former ira enforcer Sean Dillon now works for the British government. His mission: retrieve the gold lying shipwreched at the botton of the Irish Sea by any means necessary—and finish Ryan's bloody plot before it gets off the ground. Two deadly men are locked in a furious race, with millions of dollars—and lives—hanging in the balance.

. The hunt is on for a fortune in stolen British gold in this New York Times bestselling Sean Dillon novel. Irish militant michael ryan wants to finance war in his homeland—and a sinister pact with the New York Mafia will make his dreams a savage reality.

Angel of Death Sean Dillon Book 4

Before they spark another war. They are allied with no one, arabs and Israelis, killing American diplomats and KGB agents, IRA gunmen and Loyalist soldiers. They call themselves "January 30", after the date of a British massacre in Belfast. Before dillon himself falls prey to the ultimate assassin--the Angel of Death.

. But they are definitely the enemies of peace--and they are plotting an assassination that will shatter an uneasy truce that reigns in Ireland. Former ira enforcer sean Dillon must hunt down January 30 before they kill again.

The President's Daughter Sean Dillon Book 6

Twenty years after his affair with a beautiful Frenchwoman in Vietnam, Jake Cazalet finds out he has a daughter. He must keep it a secret--but years later, when he is President of the United States, someone discovers the truth. Ans when his only child is kidnapped by a terrorist group, he must count on British operative Sean Dillon and FBI agent Blake Johnson to find her.


On Dangerous Ground Sean Dillon Book 3

The british hire former terrorist sean dillon to keep the document from coming to light, before parties in Hong Kong retrieve it and destroy the balance of world power. As 1997 approaches, england's prime minister learns of a secret document signed by Mao Tse-tung that could delay the Chinese takeover of Hong Kong for an additional 100 years.


Thunder Point Sean Dillon Book 2

The day before hitler commits suicide, he arranges for Nazi leader Martin Bormann to flee to South America in a German U-boat. 1992. And the desperate search to find it will send shockwaves across the world. And great britain—and may implicate the Duke of Windsor himself. The wreck of bormann's u-boat has been discovered in the Caribbean, along with a secret list of Nazi sympathizers.

The names include high-level citizens from the U. S. The evidence lies in a watertight briefcase on the bottom of the sea. 1945. Terrorist sean dillon is saved from a Yugoslavian firing squad—if he agrees to help the British government retrieve the long-lost documents of Martin Bormann.

Midnight Runner Sean Dillon Book 10

The publisher describes it as a powerful thriller, and it’s no lie. At its end, the murderous Arab/English Rashid family lay decimated – but not extinct. Death is the midnight runner. Arab proverb       higgins’ last novel, Edge of Danger, was “hugely entertaining, ” said the Los Angeles Times.

British agent sean dillon…white house operative Blake Johnson…the President himself…their time was coming, and only she knew how – or when. They were her brothers, and her enemies would pay. Never mind that they tried to assassinate the President of the United States, that villainy ran in their veins.

And that may have been Sean Dillon’s fatal error. Brilliantly suspenseful, midnight runner is further proof that, “when it comes to thriller writers, in the words of the Associated Press, one name stands well above the crowd – Jack Higgins. ”. Her brothers killed one by one, Kate Rashid swears vengeance on all who have harmed her family.


Eye of the Storm Sean Dillon Book 1

Elusive master terrorist sean dillon reemerges during the Gulf War when Saddam Hussein hires him to assassinate Margaret Thatcher, and only Martin Brosnan can stop him.

Without Mercy Sean Dillon Book 13

But they have no idea of the searing journey upon which they are about to embark—or of the bloody war into which they are about to charge. Filled with dark suspense, driven by characters of complexity and passion, Without Mercy once again proves that Jack Higgins is the unchallenged master of international intrigue.

. As detective superintendent hannah bernstein of Special Branch lies recuperating in the hospital, an enigmatic shadow from the past, burning with hatred, steals into her room and finishes the job. Consumed by grief and rage, blake Johnson, Dillon, and all who loved Hannah swear vengeance, no matter where it takes them.


Bad Company Sean Dillon Series, Book 11

Wartime secrets threaten to topple a president – in the heart-stopping new adventure featuring Sean Dillon, from the incomparable Jack Higgins – bestselling author of Midnight Runner. In the waning days of world war II, Hitler entrusted his diary to a young aide, Baron Max von Berger. The diary and its explosive revelations of a secret wartime meeting between emissaries of Hitler and Roosevelt will destroy the US President Jake Cazalet … unless Dillon can find it first.

. Now the ultimate confrontation is drawing near. Over the years, developing a secret alliance with the rashid family – long-time foes of Major Ferguson of British Intelligence, von Berger has used his inheritance to become one of the richest men in the world, his undercover enforcer Sean Dillon and their American colleague Blake Johnson.


A Darker Place Sean Dillon Book 16

To avoid the wrath of the ruling elite, he makes elaborate plans with covert experts Charles Ferguson and Sean Dillon for his escape. And his master plan is about to unfold. It's a real coup for the West-except for one thing: Kurbsky is still working for the Russians. Outspoken russian writer Alexander Kurbsky wanted to "disappear" into the West.


Rough Justice Sean Dillon Book 15

In the world of covert operations, death begets death-revenge leads only to revenge. Actually, Miller stops him. With a couple of bullets to the head. And before the explosive situation is put to rest, there will be plenty of both. In kosovo, american blake johnson and Major Harry Miller of Britain band together just in time to stop a rogue Russian captain from desecrating a helpless village.